Turn your SEO into SE-YO!

10 June 2019

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1. Sure. But I’m busy, so cut to the chase.


We understand. Tap in your deets:

Okay, let’s start with the basics: SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It’s the modern-day marketing alchemy that gets you to the top of the Google tree by loading your pages with relevant keywords and phrases.


Well, maybe once upon a time it was…


Best SEO practice is key to standing loud and proud on Google’s search rankings. (NB – other search engines are available.) But the idea of cramming your content with keywords to push your page to the top of the pile? Those days are over.


Why? Because search engines have got smarter. They can spot the tricksters, the cram-artists and the short-cut takers, so that their algorithms now favour well-written, well-researched content that provides genuine use to its readers.


And whilst SEO is a multi-faceted beast that warrants in-depth discussion, right now we want to talk about getting the basics right and tightening up your technical SEO game.


Technical SEO refers to the nuts and bolts processes that optimise your site and make you appealing to those all-powerful Search Gods. If it’s not done right, then you risk ranking low or, even worse, not showing up in search results at all.


Consider it like being on a dating game show, where Google is after some lovin’ and you’ve got to say things in the right way to win them round.


If you don’t get your technical SEO right, then Google (or YouTube or Bing or Yahoo…) won’t get to see how adorable and downright amazing you are. Instead, they’ll go on a date with Best Practice Bob over there. And he’s a right smug git.


So, the big question is: just how good is your technical SEO?


And the big answer is: find out by using Turncoat’s technical SEO audit tool.


Our audit will analyse your site’s on-page SEO effectiveness (including meta descriptions, keyword density, sitemaps and so on), how mobile-friendly your site is, its page speed and any link-building you’ve done (which helps improve your domain authority). 

Essentially, it will tell you how SEO-friendly your site is and point out the areas that need improvement.


Oh, and did we mention it’s free? Wow, how nice are we?


So, now you know the score, just scroll back to the top and take our free SEO audit.


And if you like what you see, then great. Your site has smashed it out of the SEO stadium.


But if you’re seeing more red than green, you know what to do – namely, contact us, so we can make you all SEO shipshape and seaworthy.