How to join us.


perfect fit.

Where do you

want to be five years from now?

What a dumb question.

Screw five years from now. Screw five hours from now. The question you should be answering is…

Wait. Hang on a second. If we’re gonna do this, let’s do it properly. Let’s make this the first question of your interview:

What do you want to be right now?

If you said ‘Filthy rich’ then say bye-bye. If you said ‘On Love Island’ then, #sorrynotsorry, we’ve just opened the trapdoor beneath your feet and it’s a looooong way down.

But if you said ‘Shooting movies that make Scorsese look small-time’ or ‘The next J. K. Rowling. But bigger’ or ‘Getting Amazon to pay their damn taxes’, then congratulations…

…you just might be the perfect fit for us.

The Five Tenets of Turncoat.

  • 1

    Wellness comes first.

    Wellness in life comes from creation, from fun, from being respected. Why should wellness in work be any different?
  • 2

    Strong opinions, loosely held.

    Always believe in what you say, but have the humility to know you could be wrong.
  • 3

    Ideas > egos.

    The best ideas don’t come from the best people, they come from the best teams.
  • 4

    Flaunt your side hustle.

    We don’t want you to hide your side hustle. We’ll help turn your ambition into reality, whatever it is.
  • 5

    Integrity. Always.

    If we can’t do it right, we can’t do it at all.

Got Game?

We want to hear from the best bods in the biz…

…whether full-time, part-time, freelance or intern.

But before we meet you face-to-face, we’ve got a few hoops we want you to jump through. Sorry about that. But, hey, it’ll be fun. Take a look at the below, take your time to think about it and then take your best shot.

So, whaddya say, you game?

If not, by all means still send your CV through.

But, let’s face it, CVs can quickly turn into CVzzzzzz…