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“A marketing agency in Leeds? What, another one?”

Yeah, we hear you, another marketing agency in Leeds – there are a few of us knocking about. But we like to think we’re pretty special.

After all, we’ve got a collective of content marketing Leeds talent at the top of their game and who have worked with everyone from billion-pound brands to one-woman bands. We’ve got our very own shiny Turncoat Proposal, which helps our clients attract, convert, retain, and continually delight their customers. And we’ve got a pricing strategy that’s gonna challenge the agency game in this fair northern city.

So, no, it doesn’t bother us that there’s a few content marketing agencies, inbound marketing agencies, or social media marketing agencies in Leeds.

In fact, we say: bring on the competition.

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Marketing agency Leeds.

We could have set up Turncoat Marketing HQ in Manchester, Halifax or Wakefield. And, hey, they’re all amazing places (we have offices in them all).

However, Leeds, like a mellifluous songbird trilling a springtime tune of wondrous hope and beauty, was calling to us – and we answered. (Also useful for a content marketing agency in Leeds: a fair few of us live here. Hey, it helps.)

But, beyond songbirds, why go to the trouble of setting up an inbound marketing agency in Leeds?

One of the main reasons is simply because we consider Leeds to be one of the best cities in the country. It’s accessible, it’s full of life and culture, it’s not too expensive, it attracts a brilliant mix of people from all over the world, it’s mainstream but has plenty of off-the-beaten-track places to favourite… it really does have the lot.

Since the government’s Northern Powerhouse scheme launched, Leeds’ economy has grown at a faster rate than London’s and its job creation outstrips both London and Manchester. Maybe that’s why Channel 4 decided to make Leeds their new home. (A risky tactic, maybe, considering HMRC recently moved up north, too! Not that we’re suggesting Channel 4 doesn’t have its taxes in order, of course…)

And, along with its northern allies, including Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Halifax (aka the new Shoreditch), Leeds is proving that you no longer have to be based in London to do incredible creative work.

But that’s not all. Leeds has a lot more going for it, too:

Leeds is bursting with creative and marketing agency talent.

Turncoat Marketing is an on-demand, inbound, and content marketing agency in Leeds built around a collective of strategists, marketing consultants, and creatives. Which means we always want to be close to a pool of top industry talent that we can call on for any kind of inbound marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and social media marketing job.

Whether that’s a bold, hungry, up-and-coming designer fizzing with new ideas, a highly experienced old-dog copywriter with a client list longer than all of our arms combined, or a digital executive who’s awesome with marketing analytics, we want to bring the best of local marketing agency Leeds talent into the Turncoat bosom. And Leeds, with a coterie of creatives to rival any city, is the perfect spot to do just that.

Oh, and in case you’re interested in joining Turncoat Marketing, we’re putting the feelers out for a…

Marketing agency Leeds

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a copywriter.

Marketing agency Leeds

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a designer.

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A picture of Baron Holmes of Richmond

Baron Holmes of Richmond

Leeds is full of amazing peeps, like Lord Chris Holmes.

Baron Holmes of Richmond – aka Lord Chris Holmes to his pals – is one of Great Britain’s most successful sportsmen. During a swimming career that spanned 17 years, he won 15 Paralympic Games medals: 9 gold, 5 silver, and 1 bronze.

When he gave up the pre-sunrise starts and life-swallowing commitment to the pool, Chris funnelled his bottomless energy into becoming a journalist, a solicitor, a Director of Paralympic Integration for the 2012 Paralympic Games (the largest ever, we’ll have you know), and has been speaking on all kinds of important subjects, including disability, technology, and social mobility – and the nexus on which they all sit.

Chris is a life peer at the House of Lords and has been a member of Select Committees on Digital Skills and Artificial Intelligence. Which, combined with him being a non-executive director for now-Leeds-based Channel 4, makes him an all-round ideal chap for an inbound marketing agency in Leeds like us to spend a bit of time with.

Leeds is home to
a few of our friends.

A logo for Asda, who are a client of Turncoat Marketing, a marketing agency in Leeds
A logo for Russell Hobbs, who members of Turncoat Marketing, a marketing agency in Leeds, have worked with
A logo for Schawk!, who members of Turncoat Marketing, a marketing agency in Leeds, have worked with
A logo for Pets at Home, who members of Turncoat Marketing, a marketing agency in Leeds, have worked with

Home is where the heart is. And the heart is where your friends are.

(Wow, that’s cheesy. Sorry about that.)

Oh-so-schmaltsy platitudes aside, it’s always good to be where your buddies are, and throughout our careers we’ve been lucky enough to work with some pretty big marketing firms and departments in and around Leeds who we’re proud to call our friends.

Oh, you want a name-drop? It’s like that, is it? Well, if you insist…

There’s that little company called Asda for starters. You might have heard of them; they sell a few bits here and there. Then there’s Russell Hobbs, Pets at Home, and The Gym Group – we’ve done design and copy for all of them. Whilst via production and pre-media giants, Schawk!, we’ve also worked with BP, Royal Canin, and American Express.

Want to see the rest of the A-listers we’ve worked with? Check ’em out here. (We should say here that we don’t just work with branding heavyweights; we work with budgets big, small, and non-existent. So if you’re not quite in the branding stratosphere just yet, don’t be shy – we’ll help you get there.)

All of which means…

Brimming with brilliant people, brilliant clients, and brilliant talent (oh, and a fair few brilliant pubs, bars, and restaurants), the Leeds marketing scene is a creative, cultural, and economic playground that any marketing firm (or any kind of business for that matter!) would be proud to call home.

And so we do.

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