You got the write stuff?

14 February 2019

Turncoat need a… freelance copywriter.

Do you live for the written word?


Do you spend hours looking at billboards, articles, adverts, web copy, and packaging thinking how you would have done things better?


Do you know how to communicate concepts in clear, concise, memorable ways?


Have you spotted the purposeful error in this job description? (Answers on an email, please.)


Yeah? Then you might be the person for us.


We’re on the hunt for a freelance copywriter who knows how to make the complex simple, who can transform the dry-as-a-bone into the wet-as-a-fish, and who can speak in a brand’s tone of voice as if it was their very own.


Sure, we’d like some experience in blogging, web copy, social media, and all that jazz. But, really, we want someone who can make the mundane memorable; someone who believes there are no dull products, only dull writers.


We’re HQd in Leeds but you can be based anywhere in the UK, so long as you’re willing to hop on conference calls and potentially visit clients should the need arise.


Interested? Then head over to our careers page, fill in our fun little form, and show us what you’ve got.


We can’t wait to hear from you.