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“Wow, you’re opening a marketing agency in Halifax?“

That’s what we expected to hear when we opened up our brand new office in Halifax, just around the corner from The Piece Hall.

Because Halifax isn’t the first place you think of when you think ‘flashy marketing agency’. It’s a city that’s fallen on hard times, struggling through the recessions of the early 1980s and global downturn of 2008. It’s not had the recent investment of Leeds or Sheffield and it lacks the big-city glamour of Manchester, Liverpool and London.

Yet, despite all this, there’s so much to find in Halifax. It’s a multifaceted hub of music, shopping and culture. A place where you’re as likely to sample an artisan chilli cheese and dark roast Colombian coffee as you are a Greggs vegan sausage roll and a pint of Wetherspoons’ finest.

It’s a place where you can take in a show (we’re looking at you, Victoria Theatre), see the next up-and-coming band and pick up a host of handmade gifts in The Piece Hall, one of the North’s most beautiful and historic squares (more on her later). Or you can go to a multiplex, watch some old rockers in an old-man’s pub and pick up some fast fashion at River Island.

And all within a half-mile radius of each other.

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But best of all, Halifax is home to a burgeoning amount of ambitious businesses, education centres and charities. These operate across all kinds of sectors, from law to retail, from brick-and-mortar to online-only. And to help them flourish, they’re supported by a brilliant network of entrepreneurs, business leaders and government-backed schemes, all determined to bolster Halifax’s commercial opportunities and make this city yet another jewel in the North’s crown.

And, if they ever need a marketing agency in Halifax, they know where to come.

Because just as Halifax isn’t your average city, we’re not your average content marketing agency in Halifax. Our content marketing collective is spread across cities all over the north, where we’ve brought inbound and content marketing services to innovative businesses for years. And, in Halifax, we’ve found a willing, progressive audience ready to use content marketing to help them their message out there and grow their business.

Just like this town, Turncoat offers marketing opportunities for everyone – from small family-run enterprises like Elland Cars to large community-wide educators like Calderdale College.

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Halifax is a boom town once again

The Piece Hall was an epicentre of the 18th-century cloth and textiles industry. It was a place where textile craftsmen from all over came to trade 30-yard lengths of hand-woven cloth – the eponymous ‘pieces’ the Hall is named after. The cloth industry was one of the most vital in the world, and The Piece Hall is one of the few architectural echoes of that heritage still standing.

Today, instead of trading in cloth, The Piece Hall is home to a whole new world of industry. From hosting packed shows for Father John Misty to being the home of Turncoat Marketing’s newest office, The Piece Hall is full of life again. A stunning monument to the city’s past yet filled with very modern businesses, The Piece Hall is a thriving symbol of Halifax’s recent resurgence. Since 2017, the town has boomed, to the point where even Prince Charles took notice. In a 2018 visit to The Piece Hall, Charles remarked of his astonishment at how much the city has changes since his last visit in the 1990s.

Just like its Northern counterparts, Halifax is booming, and it doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon.

Here at Turncoat Marketing, we specialise in that kind of growth – for everyone. That means we don’t charge exorbitant fees to fund extravagant offices and fancy company cars. Instead, we approach content marketing with a client-first attitude, working out what’s going to work best for you and your customers, rather than what’s going to work best for our bank balance.

To that end, we have our very own super-group of strategists, copywriters and top-tier creatives. We work together to bring your products, services and story to life and put them where your customers are – on social media, email, websites, out-of-home and so on. Basically, wherever it is they are is where we make sure you are.

The best part? Most of these talented people know Halifax like you do. Halifax has a wealth of highly skilled industry talent, so along with the musicians, artists, and artisans, we’re proud to employ local graphic designers, videographers, social media marketers and even VR tech-heads.

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There’s some pretty cool stuff going on in Halifax.

The Piece Hall, where we’re based, looks like something out of its time. It’s got a huge courtyard that looks like something out of Game of Thrones, and its 2017 £19m renovation is the hub of Halifax’s renaissance. It’s home to everything from retailers and agencies (*waves*) to restaurants and music venues. Ask anyone when Halifax began to grow and come alive, and they’ll talk to you about the renovation of The Piece Hall.

BBC 6 has some interesting things to say about Halifax, calling it ‘The Shoreditch of the North’. It’s earned the moniker hosting acts such as The Stone Roses, Frightened Rabbit and Father John Misty, whilst becoming home to the popular record shop and cafe Loafers. For all you culture vultures out there, Halifax also hosts the Square Chapel Arts Centre, and we can’t wait to try the pork pies at the Grayston Unity, the UK’s smallest gig venue.

Oh, and did you know? Halifax doesn’t just host musicians, it produces them, too. The Oreilles and Hookworms both boast members who were born and raised here.

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Halifax is home to
a few of our friends.

We work here because we love it here. And one of the big reasons for that is because we’ve made a few friends since we set up our marketing agency in Halifax.

We’ve written SEO website copy for Elland Cars to help them rank better on Google, raised awareness of their innovative app through a PR campaign, and ran their Christmas campaign across social media. We even got them a starring role in The Halifax Courier to get their message out there.

We write blogs for The Hub Pharmacy that have not only helped hundreds of people but that now rank as the top search results for keywords in Google.

And we’re helping #InspireHalifax by spreading the word about Calderdale College’s Inspire Centre. We’re helping them reposition their brand and have delivered market research, campaign planning and social media workshops to their in-house marketing team.

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